Good morning, muffin.

Growing up, muffins were always a weekend staple in our house. My parents would wake up earlier than my sisters and me (there is nothing I like better on the weekend than sleeping past 10) and my mom would whip up a batch of boxed blueberry, banana, cinnamon or chocolate chip muffins. One of my favorite memories includes waking up to the smell of something fresh out of the oven, and then slathering blueberry muffins with butter and devouring the latest People magazine or Sunday circular ads with the fam.

There was a period in high school that my mom made chocolate chip muffins during the week, a lot. So much that I got totally burnt out. (The exact reason I can no longer eat salami sandwiches on white bread, but that’s probably a good thing.) ┬áMy younger cousin looooooved them, and he would walk over from his house to get a ride with us to school and she would always have the muffins ready for him. He stated on many occasions that the muffins got him up and out of bed, which then led to him being on time to school. The education was just icing on the muffin cake.

This morning, I woke up earlier than Matt (very rare, as most weekends begin with him trying to convince me to wake up, before he gets tired of fighting a losing battle and I fall back to sleep for another hour) and fed my chocolate chip craving by making Jessica from How Sweet It Is’ Chocolate Chip Muffins. I’ve made quite a few recipes from her awesome blog and they have all been great. I have to respect someone who puts covers bacon in chocolate and crams it in a peanut butter cookie.

I followed her recipe, subbing half of the milk for leftover light coconut milk that I had leftover from dinner the other night. In a perfect world, I would figure out a way to use all of my leftover ingredients and cut my grocery bill in half. People who are able to coordinate like that amaze me. I didn’t have raw turbinado sugar on hand, so I used a sprinkling of brown sugar.

True to form, Matt ate three less than five minutes after they came out of the oven. #mouthofsteel.

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